If you see Alfred rolling up; run, run for your life.

KPopp, KPopp, warning and instructing her viewers what to do if they spot Alfred.

Biographical information
Full name: Alfred
Status: Alive
Cause of Death: Murder by KPopp (off-screen)
Shot and ran over
Two fatal vehicle accidents
Age: Adult
Occupation: Police Officer
Partner of KPopp
Knight of Hymenville
Other information
Nickname: Al
Gender: Male
Hair color: Fawn blonde
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6'1"
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Kelly KPopp (boyfriend)
Cocoa Puffs (lover; The Sims Medieval)
Family: Cocoa Puffs (lover)
$8 (daughter)
Alfred is the deuteragonist of Kelly's Police Brigade and is KPopp's partner and sidekick n crime. He would always get serious and arrest people right away before KPopp could do any frisking. Alfred also participated in The Sims 3 Hunger Games, where he was crowned the fourth victor and first male victor of the series. 

He was killed four times by KPopp, the first was done off-screen when he was insane and tried to arrest KPopp and KPopp had no choice but to kill him, whereas the second one was done on-screen when he kept arresting strippers and ruined all the fun for KPopp and the prisoner.


Alfred is a very insane and serious police officer, where he would always arrest the suspect and would attack someone or something unnecessary for some reason. He was also shown to be a party-pooper as he would ruin all the fun around KPopp and other individuals.

Appearance Edit

Alfred is shown to have an average height and a fit build as well. He has slick dirty blonde hair and has brown pupils. He wears a a large cream-colored cloak with one button pinned and a black tie. He also wears black pants and matching shoes, and was accessorized with sunglasses, matching with KPopp.


  • Alfred was not the pre-made name when KPopp recruited him. Instead, she named him Alfred.
  • He was once given an unintential blowjob by a tazed stripper and was laughed at by KPopp as she was watching.
  • He is the first GTA main deuteragonist to participate in The Sims 3 Hunger Games and won the title of the fourth victor of the playthrough.

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