Bleeding Rivers (Twitch TV)
Bleeding Rivers
Biographical information
Full name: Bleeding Rivers
Status: Alive (resurrected or healed)
Cause of Death: Fallen from a Cliff
Age: 23
Residence: Tamriel
Occupation: Sorcerer
Other information
Alias: Badass Bitch
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Marital status: Single
Bleeding Rivers is the main protagonist of The Elder Scrolls Online livestream hosted by KPopp. After KPopp revealed that the original protagonist couldn't be imported, she decided to randomize through the female Nords until she found the perfect looks for the redesign of Bleeding Rivers. She was scrolling through the randomized selections until a blonde, eyepatched and scarred Nord appeared beyond her eyes.

KPopp described her as badass since she indeed looked like it and asked her viewers if she should keep the appearance, but perform slight adjustments to the character. The viewers agreed and when KPopp had thought she clicked on the correct option to change the character's appearance, she unfortunately clicks on the "Create" option and logged her into the game.

It took time to have KPopp realize what she had done and when she finally found out, she sweared constantly most likely the words "Damn It!" whilst running around the character's prison cell. However, KPopp accepted her mistake and still described the character "badass" and told the viewers to not call her ugly and other insults. 


Bleeding Rivers has an average height with an almost thick build. She has straight blonde hair tied up into a bun to the right side of her head and has blue pupils. She wore rags and walked around barefoot across different locations.

She also has a scar across her left eye and an eye patch covering her right eye, which had KPopp describe her appearance as badass, but detests the hair though.


Bleeding Rivers has a tough and active personality, She likes to battle different species and decrease all of her statima after running all the time around a specific location. She is also racist, as revealed by KPopp, and has a deep hatred for other races especially the Argonians.


  • Bleeding Rivers is the very first protagonist from an The Elder Scrolls series by KPopp to receive a redesign, even if the character wasn't intentionally supposed to be redesigned.
  • She was stalked by another player named Pidog Genic after asking him to be her boyfriend and accepting his friend request. 
  • She is part of an medieval time strip club (Ye Olde Tazed Tatas, yes, it's really a guild!) along with Paula Butter Deen, Jade Snow and Pidog Genic.
    • Their first performance in public is when they danced in the fountain naked, which became a highlight called Naked Dance Party.

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