Contrast is a game played by KPopp. Her Let's Play composed of 5 episodes. The first video was uploaded on November 19, 2013 and the final episode was uploaded on December 23, 2013. KPopp found this game on Steam, and found it interesting so she made the Let's Play.

Characters and KPopp's final commentsEdit

Kelly plays as Dawn,the imaginary friend of Didi, whose mother is a cabaret singer.

  • Johnny is Didi's false father wich means that Didi thought that he was her real father. He was always getting in trouble with bad bad people (probably the mafia) because he owed them money.
  • Vincenzo is a world known magician and also Didi's real father. At the end of the game, he reveals that he can shift between the 3D world and the 2D world, better known as The Shadow World.
  • Kat is Didi's mother and a cabaret singer. Kelly sometimes refers to her as "The Town Skank" because she slept with Vincenzo and Johnny.
  • Didi is the daughter of Kat and Vincenzo. Unlike other characters, Didi isn't a shadow person. 

"Well that was interesting. I don't think I really liked the ending, it was alright, but I liked the game though. It was cool, the gameplay was really cool, refreshing, fun, frustrating at times but whatever"- says Kelly during the game credits.


Episode Name Release Date Video Duration
Contrast - Shadow M.I.L.F. #1 (Let's Play Contrast) 11/19/2013 26:44
Contrast - Real Baby Daddy #2 (Let's Play Contrast) 11/24/2013 31:01
Contrast - DAT HOT AIR BALLOON! #3 (Let's Play Contrast) 12/02/2013 23:06
Contrast - Your Mother, The Town Skank #4 12/17/2013 18:20
Contrast - THE END #5 (Let's Play) 12/23/2013 18:11


  • Kelly says that Didi never does anything to help Dawn, but on the final episode, she for once did something (she turned on the lights of the lighthouse). "Oh you're doing something" says Kelly.
  • Vincenzo and Dawn are the only characters that can shift between the Shadow World and the 3D world.
  • Vincenzo and Dawn were probably companions, as in, she worked with Vincenzo.
  • Dawn is the only character that doesn't talk.


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