High School Dreams
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Title Card of the Series
Genres Comedy
High School
Total episodes 26
First episode May 30, 2014
Last episode December 10, 2014
Main Characters Cocoa Puffs

Petey Jacobs
Seth Stoddard
Chuck Majors
Eugene Paparazzi
Benny B
Landon Teenbeard

Neighbourhood Charm Springs

High School Dreams: Best Friends Forever is an RPG/Social sim about the high school life of a new girl at Charm Springs who, over the course of the school year, tries to get a cute boy ask her to prom. High School Dreams was originally developed by Eidos Interactive. The game was released as a digital download on Green Man Gaming in 2010.

KPopp has done a Let's Play on High School Dreams: Best Friends Forever that consists of 26 episodes, that started on May 30th 2014 and ended on December 10th 2014.

Background Edit

In-game, KPopp plays as Cocoa Puffs as she attends as a new student of Charm Springs High, which seems to be filled with handsome boys to date. She has to pluck up the courage to interact to all of them and see whom is "the one" for her, dress up to look her best, get invited out on dates, interact with her friends at school and share all of the gossip she has earned, also learn to see who’s in and who’s out.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Emily
  • Petey Jacobs
  • Seth Stoddard
  • Chuck Majors
  • Eugene Moss
  • Benny B
  • Landon Teenbeard
  • Madison
  • Miss Trimbull
  • Lucy >:(
  • Chelsea Harper

Trivia Edit

  • Cocoa Puffs is one of the fan favorites of the PoppTart community.
  • Cocoa Puffs, more specifically KPopp, detests Mrs. Trimbull, Chelsea and Madison for her own specific reasons.
  • KPopp had noticed that all of the female students of the school possess big combusts.
  • KPopp has said that she had recreated Cocoa Puffs and her unseen sibling, Cheeto Puffs, in the Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo.
    • Cheeto Puffs's whereabouts are unknown, causing the PoppTart community to use their imaginations and share their theories about what had occured to him. 

Critical Acclaim Edit

Cocoa Puffs has been ranked among the most popular Kpopp characters.


Episode Name Release Date Video Duration
High School Dreams: Best Friends Forever #1 WTF 5/30/2014 14:32
High School Dreams - BOYS? BOYS? BOYS? #2 6/3/2014 22:35
High School Dreams - EVERYONE SUCKS! #3 6/4/2014 20:07
High School Dreams - SO GLAM! #4 6/10/2014 21:53
High School Dreams - MAKEOVER! #5 6/11/2014 17:19
High School Dreams - 2 DATES 2 GUYS! #6 6/14/2014 19:35
High School Dreams - This B*tch! #7 6/18/2014 16:37
High School Dreams - I HATE HER #8 6/27/2014 19:00
High School Dreams - Creepy Photos #9 7/4/2014 23:18
High School Dreams - Detective Puffs #10 7/14/2014 19:51
High School Dreams - Mini Golf Date #11 7/19/2014 17:04
High School Dreams - MOVE!!! #12 7/24/2014 16:28
High School Dreams - Stood Up #13 8/1/2014 16:53
High School Dreams - HORRIBLE DAY #14 8/12/2014 17:26
High School Dreams - Hot Dog Man Has No Soul #15 8/23/2014 21:52
High School Dreams GOLF DATE FAIL #16 9/13/2014 16:39
High School Dreams - DRAMA with BASICS #17 9/19/2014 20:49
High School Dreams - FAIL Photo Shoot #18 10/4/2014 19:37
High School Dreams - Returning His Flowers #19 10/13/2014 16:25
High School Dreams - MOVIE PREMIERE! #20 10/20/2014 19:42
High School Dreams - TALKING $H*T! #21 11/7/2014 22:07
High School Dreams - SORRY FOR THAT BURN! #22 11/16/2014 14:49
High School Dreams - DUMPED?! #23 11/25/2014 15:08
High School Dreams - I'm a MEAN GIRL! #24 11/30/2014 23:59
High School Dreams - ASKED TO PROM! #25 12/6/2014 18:35
High School Dreams - THE END! PROM!!! 12/10/2014 14:23

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