His face is like, it's like I did something bad but it was pretty funny!

–KPopp's reaction after seeing Taira-Kun for the first time.

Jurassic Heart
Title Card of the First and Only Episode
Genres Romance
Total episodes 1
First episode June 22, 2013
Last episode June 22, 2013
Main Characters Buttplu
Animals Taira-Kun
Neighbourhood Unknown School/College
Buttplu's Dorm
Jurassic Heart is a dating simulator created by Hima and developed by Tyrano Script, which was released on an unspecified date. It is an mini dating simulator entry for The Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Dating Sim Jam.

KPopp did a video on Jurassic Heart that consists of 1 episode, which started and ended on June 22, 2013. 


In-game, KPopp plays as Buttplu and meets up with Buttplu's best friend Taira-kun, whom happens to be a tyrannsaurus rex. It is revealed that Buttplu had broken Taira-kun's ukulele and has to purchase a new one for him. But as the meet-up progresses, Buttplu and Taira-kun feel something a little more romantic between the both of them.


  • BUTTPLU is the main protagonist and an assumed student of an unknown college. She is the love interest of Taira-kun after purchasing a new ukulele and spending time together for an entire day. Buttplu is also the main cause of the whole plot, because she was responsible behind Taira-kun's broken ukulele.
  • Taira-Kun is the deuteragonist and an assumed student of an unknown college. He is the love interest of Buttplu after she purchased a new ukulele for him and have spend time together for an entire day. Taira-kun was also explained (by KPopp) that he has quite a derpy face.


  • This is the first dating simulator where Kelly plays as girl.
  • Kelly has said Taira-Kun has a derp face.
  • Awkward is the name of the female characters of the dating simulators and Buttplu is the name of the male characters of the dating simulators. Although, Kelly named the main protagonist Buttplu in the game.


Episode Name Release Date Video Duration
WEIRD DATING SIM! Dating a T-REX! Let's Get Prehistoric! (Jurassic Heart) 6/22/2013 15:17