Kazuoki Marin
Kazuoki Marin
Biographical information
Full name: Kazuoki Marin
Status: Alive
Age: 15
Residence: Kazuoki residence (formerly)
Planets's Dormitory (currently)
Occupation: Student at Yasuragi High (formerly)
Student at Planets (currently)
Other information
Nickname: Marin-chan
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Dark green
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Takishima Ryuu (crush; mutual or one-sided?)
Family: Mr. Kazuoki (father)
Mrs. Kazuoki (mother)
I think I'm going to go home and jump off of my staircase. Maybe if I hit my head again, this new ability will go away.

–Kazuoki Marin

Kazuoki Marin is a fictional character and the protagonist of the (P)lanets: The Life of Normalcy has Ended! series by TeaCup Productions. She is best known for the short-lived "*falls down stairs*" meme, which was introduced in the first episode of (P)lanets.


Kazuoki Marin has straight blonde hair, fair skin and dark green eyes. She is thin and not very tall, assumed from the fact that all the three boys - Kaius, Takishima Ryuu and Lucan - are taller than her. Marin wears a customized traditional Japanese female school uniform; teal sailor shirt with a white collar and a maroon bow on the chest and paired with a light green skirt and maroon shoes with knee socks.


Kazuoki Marin describes herself as one of the "bored geniuses. You know, the students who don't do work because it's too boring and easy." She also describes herself as "not a very physical person" and reveals to have not played any sports at Yasuragi High and hardly participated in gym class.


  • According to her mother, Marin couldn't cook for herself yet.
  • Takishima Ryuu has a crush on her, but it is unknown if the feeling is mutual or one-sided.