Kitty Powers Matchmaker
Title Card of the Series
Genres Dating Simulator
Total episodes 9
First episode 22th of April, 2015
Last episode 24th of September, 2015
Main Characters Kitty Powers
Horse Face
Pauline Cakeface
Neighbourhood Not known

Kitty Powers' Matchmaker is a dating sim in which the players plays as a matchmaker employed by Kitty Powers, the drag queen personality of British game developer Richard Franke, who has to expand a tiny little dating agency into a large one by way of creating many successful dates. This is done by matching a client, either male or female, to one of many date options, with clients seeking opposite-sex, same-sex, or either-sex dates. The success of their date is determined by the player's attention to minor personality details as well as performance in mini-games which occur during the dates.

As the player progresses, the date game-play slowly moves from simple to complex, eventually needing for the player to remember dozens of minute details as well as mastery of nearly a dozen different mini-games which occur during the dates. The game has been released on PC as well as mobile platforms.

Kpopp started a Let's Play of the game on April 22 2015, that consists of 9 episodes, and ended on September 24, 2015. The series has consisted of many memorable quotes and even led to its own drinking game (as highlighted in Episode 5).

Synopsis Edit

Kpopp plays as Horse Face, a new matchmaker working for Kitty Powers. In the series, Kpopp works her way from a brand new matchmaker to a Level 12 "Saucy Sorcerer". Along the way, she meets many memorable characters and dates, typically with nerdy, artsy, or fitness interests. The series is known for its many hilarious and rage moments, plenty of out-of-context Kpopp quotes, and suspense in whether or not she'll get the green "Will you go out with me?" option at the end of the date, thus resulting in success.

Characters Edit

There are many characters in the game, as it is a dating sim, however, there are certain characters who make more of an appearance than others, usually because of their obnoxiousness or difficulty in matching up.

Annie Melonlott (Melonbutt) - She's not a client, but rather, a date option that Kpopp fails in matching many suitors to because of her difficult personality. Kpopp initially mistakes her last name for being Melonbutt, and continues to refer to her as such. Finally, towards the end of Episode 5, she is finally matched up.

Playlist Edit

Episode Name Release Date Video Duration
Kitty Powers' Matchmaker! - SIT ON HIS FACE!!! #1 Apr 22, 2015 20:49
Kitty Powers' Matchmaker! - RAGE!!! #2 May 1, 2015 27:49
Kitty Powers' Matchmaking - Throwing Shade! #3 May 11, 2015 32:12
Kitty Powers' Matchmaker - Gas During Date D: #4 May 26, 2015 42:15
Kitty Powers' Matchmaking - Drinking Game! #5 Jun 20, 2015 29:24
BAD SELFIE!! FUUU!!! - Kitty Powers' Matchmaker #6 Jul 7, 2015 28:12
HIS NAME IS GAYFACE! - Kitty Powers' Matchmaker #7 Jul 27, 2015 33:51
Kitty Powers Matchmaking - EVERYONE SUCKS #8 Aug 20, 2015 48:38
Kitty Powers' Matchmaking - Gay Dream Couple! #9 Sep 24, 2015 31:41

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