Life is Strange
Life is Strange Titlecard
Genres Action


Total episodes 21
First episode January 29, 2015
Last episode October 20, 2015
Main Characters Max Caulfield

Chloe Price
Rachel Amber
Victoria Chase
Warren Graham
Nathan Prescott
Mark Jefferson

Animals Unnamed bird, Deer, and Whales.
Neighbourhood Arcadia Bay, Oregon
Life Is Strange is an episodic interactive drama graphic adventure video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment, and published by Square Enix. The game will consist of five episodes. With six weeks between each episode, it released its first on 30 January 2015. Life Is Strange is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 via digital distribution.

KPopp had completed a Let's Play on Life is Strange that consisted of 21 episodes, which started on January 29, 2015.


In-game, KPopp plays as Max Caulfield, whom returned to her hometown to attend one of the most prestigious schools in the entire country, which is called Blackwell Academy. However, after eighteen years without acknowledging this, she finally discovered her ability to rewind time and change her mistakes in the past, when she attempted to stop Nathan Prescott from shooting her old best friend Chloe Price.

And now that she has finally acknowledged her ability, she will have to make difficult desicions and drama.


  • Max Caulfield is the main protagonist of the series, whom returned to her hometown after she was accepted into one of the most prestigious schools in the country, also known as Blackwell Academy. There, not only did she reunite with her old friend, but she also discovered her ability to rewind time and fix her regrettable mistakes from the past. 
  • Chloe Price is the deuteragonist of the series and the best friend of Max Caulfield. Since they were children, Chloe and Max were the best of friends and would always spend time together. However Max had to leave her hometown as her parents want to move to Seattle, and at the same time, her biological father had passed, leaving her to feel abandoned. But after these series of unfortunate events, Rachel Amber had become her new best friend and their friendship was strong enough that they planned to leave their hometown and move to Los Angeles. However, like Max, Rachel Amber had left their hometown by herself without telling Chloe at all.
  • Rachel Amber is the tritagonist of the series and the best friend of Chloe Price. After Max Caulfield had left her hometown for Seattle, she had replaced her as Chloe's best friend. Her friendship with Chloe was strong enough for the two to plan to leave together for Los Angeles. However, like Max, Rachel Amber had left their hometown by herself without telling Chloe at all.


Episode Name Release Date Video Duration
Life is Strange (Episode 1)
Awkward High School Time! 1/29/2015 12:34
Gossip & Drama YASS 1/30/2015 22:41
Sweet Revenge B*tches! 1/31/2015 16:02
Sexting Fight!!! 2/3/2015 22:43
Creeps Everywhere! 2/6/2015 51:18
Life Is Strange (Episode 2)
Life is Strange-DRUGGED #6 (ep 2 Beginning) 3/24/2015 31:05
Life is Strange -WAFFLES!!! #7 (Episode 2) 3/25/2015 25:32
Life is Strange -CHLOE=DRAMA #8 (Ep 2.) 3/26/2015 30:26
Life is Strange -Broken #9 (Ep 2 ending)
Life is Strange (Episode 3)
Life is Strange -BREAK INTO SCHOOL! #10 (Episode 3 Beginning) 5/19/2015 37:40
Life is Strange -Girls just want to have fun! #11 (Episode 3) 5/19/2015 35:17
Life is Strange- Time Travel Intensifies #12 (Episode 3 ending) 5/20/2015 44:01
Life is Strange (Episode 4)
Life is Strange -The New Chloe #13 (Episode 4 Beginning) 7/27/15 29:44
Life is Strange- Alpha Male Warren #14 (episode 4) 7/27/15 38:44
Life is Strange- BANG BANG! #15 (Episode 4) 7/28/15 40:21
Life is Strange- Tragedies & Party Time #16 (Episode 4 Ending ) 7/28/15 40:02
Life is Strange (Episode 5/Series finale)
Life is Strange-BADASS MAX! #17 (Episode 5: Polarized) 10/20/15 29:39
Life is Strange- GIVE THAT MAN A HUG #18 (Episode 5: Polarized) 10/20/15 33:35
Life is Strange- DAT TORNADO #19 (Episode 5: Polarized) 10/20/15 28:13
Life is Strange- WTF IS HAPPENING #20 (Episode 5: Polarized) 10/20/15 27:36
Life is Strange- THIS IS HOW IT ENDS #21 (Episode 5: Polarized) 10/20/15 43:36