KPopp's First Video in a GIF

Nose-Stall (I was learning XD)
was KPopp's first ever uploaded video. It was published on February 18, 2006, the day she also created her account. The video, however was a skateboarding video; showing a skateboarding trick. The video was only five seconds in record. The video received 19,048 views since it's upload.

KPopp is seen rolling towards a staircase and jumping on it, where she held the rails to keep balance. The video concludes KPopp falling down on the previous step to the ground, where she rolled away. 


  • The video was the first video KPopp uploaded to her account.
  • The video was the shortest video ever done by KPopp.
  • KPopp's basement was revealed in this video.
  • This was the only video made by teenage KPopp.

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