Sims 4 Pregnant Challenge
Genres Comedy
Total episodes 23
First episode September 2, 2014
Last episode December 24, 2014
Main Characters Vaggy Sunshine KPopp
Aunt Ana KPopp
Neighbourhood Oasis Springs

Sims 4 Pregnant Challenge is a Let's Play created by KPopp and based on the legacy challenge for the life simulation video game The Sims 4 by Maxis, The Sims Studio and Electronic Arts. The series stars Vaggy Sunshine KPopp and Aunt Ana KPopp. The story takes place after the events of The Sims 3 Pregnant Challenge in the neighborhood of Oasis Springs, where Vaggy Sunshine aims to proudly succeeding her mother and continue the KPopp legacy. However, after her unexpected death, Anorexia, now known as Aunt Ana, replaces Vaggy Sunshine as their mother's successor.

The series premiered on September 2, 2014 and was put on an indefinite hiatus on December 24, 2014.


Vaggy Sunshine KPopp moves to Oasis Springs in hopes of proudly succeeding her mother and continue the KPopp legacy. Each baby receives a name suggested by PoppTarts and ManlyTarts, where the most liked comment with the suggested name is selected. As she delivers more children than expected, Vaggy Sunshine established herself as the "town whore of Oasis Springs" and proudly succeeded her mother.

However, after her unexpected death, Anorexia KPopp, now known as Aunt Ana, replaces Vaggy Sunshine as their mother's successor, as well as becoming the guardian of her Vaggy Sunshine's children.


  • Vaggy Sunshine KPopp
  • Aunt Ana KPopp
  • Malcolm Landgraab
  • Butter Balls KPopp
  • Cheese Puff KPopp
  • Hashtag KPopp

Once the household becomes full, some children are forced to leave in order for more children to be born.

Main cast


Title Upload date Video duration
"LEGACY CONTINUES!" September 2, 2014 30:32
"AWKWARD BREAK UP!" September 6, 2014 19:32
"One Night Stand!" September 7, 2014 19:07
"DEMON CHILDREN!" September 7, 2014 15:23
"HOMEWRECKER!" September 9, 2014 21:41
"TRASHY WEDDING!" September 13, 2014 15:08
"Birthdays!" September 15, 2014 17:07
"R.I.P.!" September 16, 2014 16:22
"NEW QUEEN BEE!" September 23, 2014 20:37
"WORST MAID in History!" September 27, 2014 16:23
"Herpes is Born!" September 28, 2014 21:43
"GHOSTS ARE BACK!" October 1, 2014 15:47
"KIDS ARE GROWING UP" October 5, 2014 14:52
"WTF HAPPENED!" October 11, 2014 18:58
"Impregnate the Neighbors!" October 15, 2014 15:42
"Poor Pee Stain" October 21, 2014 15:25
"THE WEDDING!" October 25, 2014 15:48
"Weird Kids" October 28, 2014 15:29
"FIGHT!" November 8, 2014 18:11
"NEW MAN, NEW HOUSE" November 17, 2014 18:31
"MEOW IS CHOSEN CHILD!" November 27, 2014 22:59
"Weirdo Kids!" December 7, 2014 16:15
"Don't Watch Her Pee!" December 24, 2014 16:35

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