Something's in the Air
Title Card of Series
Genres Dating Simulators
Total episodes 10
First episode 24th of February, 2015
Last episode N/A
Main Characters BUTTPLU
Ariane B
Rachel Spahr
Neighbourhood New York, NY, USA
Yeah, you can bend in different positions and EAT YOUR OWN ASS, I DON'T FUCKING CARE!


Gameplay Edit

Something's in The Air is the sequel to ArianeB Dating Sim. It follows the same protagonist, Buttplu on dates with various women, unlike it's predecessor. However, only two are focused on by the game. It plays out in a similar format to it's prequel.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Buttplu/Protagonist
  • Dave
  • Rachel Spahr
  • Ariane B

Supporting Characters Edit

  • Bonnie
  • Wendy
  • Paula
  • Veronica

Episodes Edit

Title Release Date Duration
WTF DAVE!! Febuary 24, 2015 12:31
NOT WEARING PANTS March 1, 2015 15:26
DEATH TO BLUE NIPS! March 5, 2015 15:41
EVIL ARIANE IS BACK! March 13, 2015 26:00
NERDY GIRL TALKS March 21, 2015 17:28
DIS DANCIN' April 10, 2015 17:16
SURPRISE ENDING April 29, 2015 10:59
"EAT UR OWN ASS!" May 9, 2015 22:59
F**KING DAVE!!! May 17, 2015 14:41
FRIENDZONED! June 9, 2015 17:14
BOOBS 4 TEE June 23, 2015 14:13
NAKED VOLLEYBALL October 4, 2015 19:55

Trivia Edit

  • Something's in the Air is the 3rd series to launch in 2015.

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