―KPopp talking about the tree seen in a cutscene — Listen (file info)[src]
The Longest Journey
Title card of the Series
Genres Comedy
Total episodes 1
First episode September 18, 2014
Last episode N/A
Main Characters April Ryan
Animals Dragon
Neighbourhood Arcadia
 The Longest Journey is a point and click adventure game developed by Funcom and released by Empire Interactive in November 2000. It is very similar to the older point and click adventure games of LucasArts, but in 3D. 

KPopp is has done a Let's Play on The Longest Journey that consists of 1 episode, which was uploaded on September 18th, 2014. It is revealed by KPopp that she attempted recording The Longest Journey, but the game was so old that it crash all the time and she had no other choice but to cancel the series.

Background Edit

The game takes place in the parallel universes of magic dominated Arcadia and industrial Stark. The protagonist, April Ryan, is an 18-year-old art student living in Stark, identified as a 'Shifter' capable of movement between these worlds, and tasked with restoring their essential Balance.


  • April Ryan, is the main protagonist in the game. She lives in the city of Newport in Stark. April is seen wearing a white tanktop and white shorts (her pajamas) and a black-white panther top and grey jeans.


  • KPopp played this game because she saw gameplay of The Longest Journey: Dreamfall Chapters, the third game in the series. She was interested in it as the protagonist is a female character and KPopp generally likes games where you play as a female character.
    • KPopp hasn't revealed if is gonna play The Longest Journey: Dreamfall Chapters on her channel.
  • KPopp also suspects an unnamed presumbed Spanish guy may have put Dank Goodness in her drink for some reason.
  • The Longest Journey was cancelled due to technical difficulties. KPopp had revealed she had no choice but to cancel the series.


Episode Name Release Date Video Duration
The Longest Journey - WTF TREE! #1 (Longest Journey Let's Play) 9/18/2014 29:57

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