Trip (The Sims 3 Hunger Games)
Biographical information
Full name: Trip Façade
Status: Alive
Cause of Death: Eaten a poisonous jelly bean from the Jelly Bean tree. (The Sims 3 Hunger Games)
Age: Adult
Residence: The Spanish Armada

56 Oceanview Drive

Occupation: Business career
Other information
Alias: Travis
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Blonde
Eye color: Green
Marital status: Divorced
Significant Other/s: Grace (ex-wife)

Starlight Woods (romantic interest)
Sonoko Lee (romantic interest)

Family: Mr. Façade (father)
Mrs. Façade (mother)
Travis, also known by his nickname Trip, is the main antagonist of Façade. He was shown to be a very forceful husband, since he forced his wife Grace to go on another honeymoon, and isn't very fond of artists. Trip and Grace is featured in other of KPopp's playthroughs where he has participated in The Sims 3 Hunger Games, where he placed seventh shortly after Grace died, and led Sims 3 Façade where he became the playboy that he is.


Trip is shown to be very friendly whenever KPopp had visited the couple's apartment and would welcome her and give her some alcoholic beverages. But as soon as the story progressed, she learned that Trip isn't a very nice person as he revealed his insensitive attitude; this is when he convinced Grace to do advertising instead of art and forced her to go on another honeymoon.

He is also shown to have hatred's against simple things like melons, artists and his loving parents. Trip is also shown to be a loner and unsatisfied since he cheated on Grace with Maria since he felt lonely. Some speculations that Trip maybe has a third orientation since he was considered gay by KPopp after hearing him say 'fabulous'.


Trip has a dirty blonde origin and wears a green sweater, grey pants and a pair of black shoes. He is shown to have a classic black and white tuxedo when he got married with Grace.


  • Trip and Grace have a 'good friendship' with KPopp in Façade.
  • Trip has a hatred against melons, artists and his loving parents.
  • He maybe has a third orientation due to KPopp suggesting he was after hearing him say 'fabulous' for his voicemail message if the phone is not picked up.
  • When Grace cheated on him with Javed Meir in the Sims 3 Façade playthrough, he started to show his natural playboy side and is currently hitting on the ladies with his moves.