Genres Comedy
Reality show
Total episodes 5
First episode September 16, 2012
Last episode November 21, 2012
Main Characters KPopp
Neighbourhood Wipeout Arena
Minecraft Wipeout
Minecraft Wipeout
Genres Comedy
Total episodes 2
First episode August 29, 2013
Last episode September 1, 2013
Main Characters KPopp
Paintball Kitty
Animals Pigs
Neighbourhood Wipeout Arena
Wipeout is a game show series in which contestants compete in what is billed as the "world's largest obstacle course". Wipeout is hosted and commentated by John Henson and John Anderson, while Jill Wagner acts as the "on-location" presenter. The interim presenter for one season was Vanessa Lachey. The creators and executive producers are Matt Kunitz and Scott Larsen. Distribution of the show is handled by Endemol USA. 

KPopp played Wipeout for an episode of the KPopp VS Whiteboy7thst series, in which she had played the video game adaptation. However, it was widely requested for another episode and even a segment on KPopp's channel called Wipeout Wednesday, in which had not been continued. The series of episodes started on September 16, 2012 and ended on November 21, 2012.

In August 2013 though, KPopp collaborated with PaintballKitty in a Minecraft Wipeout parkour map.


KPopp VS WhiteboyEdit

In-game, KPopp and Whiteboy battle it out in the Wipeout arena throughout different obstacles, which is featured in the television series the game adapted. However, their not the only ones that are after the crown, other contestants join them on the competition as well. The series was supposed to have a segment called Wipeout Wednesday but wasn't continued. The series also introduced Swag Ball who has gotten merchandise on her store.

Minecraft Wipeout Edit

In-game, KPopp and PaintballKitty battle it out in the remake parkour Wipeout are throughtout different obstacles, which is the featured in the television series the game has adapted, but seemed a lot more harder than it looked. However, the two played the arena backwards, resulting them in not winning the map. 


KPopp VS WhiteboyEdit

Episode Name Release Date Video Duration

KPopp VS Whiteboy7thst - WIPEOUT!

9/16/2012 26:21

KPopp VS Whiteboy7thst - WIPEOUT #2

9/29/2012 30:05

KPopp VS Whiteboy7thst - BIRTHDAY WIPEOUT

11/18/2012 34:51


23/3/2014 10:46

KPopp VS Whiteboy7thst - WIPEOUT!!!!

12/9/2012 29:54

Minecraft WipeoutEdit

Episode Name

Release Date Video Duration
WIPEOUT! Minecraft Style w/ PaintballKitty! (Challenge Map) 8/29/2013 11:12

LAUGHING on Backwards MineCraft Wipeout! (Live Cam)

9/1/2013 18:11

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